My goal is to ease fears, obstacles, and misconceptions surrounding the services offered throughout the different levels of court. I am a firm believer that moral and ethical practices are important in establishing trust in our community and plan to serve as such.  As a goodwill ambassador, I will highlight the importance of equality and transparency in the justice system and the benefits our local courthouse has to offer our community.

What I plan to do:

  • Ensure community members’ right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers through detailed juror administration
  • Increase transparency and accessibility to court information and resources
  • Create and maintain a standard level of service
  • Create offices that reflect the communities we serve by diversifying the Court Clerk’s Office in gender and ethnicity
  • Increase staff development standards through detailed training, increase accountability, and well-defined standards for integrity
  • Make online system user friendly to increase access to information
  • Promote American Disability Act accessibility options 
  • Implement systems to encourage equal rights and treatment to all community members
  • Advocate for on issues that create changes to better protect citizen